Night shift needed

Over the past 2 1/2 months, I have seen many of the idiotic moves this college makes; the Clyde Wingfield situation, the firing of Martha Palmer, the increase in salaries of our president and Regents chancellor after a $125 increase (Oh, I’m sorry, Tuition Surcharge), and the wonderful Huskie Den, with it’s infinite wisdom, charged a sophomore honors society for using the lanes for a bowl-a-thon, of which the proceeds went to a charity in the community. But what takes the cake in bureaucratic stupidity, is the proposal to close the late night shift at the University Health Center.

The two new programs that the service is planning to start are worthy of a small fee increase, but don’t they think that one or two students deserve the Health Center to be there on those late nights when they need it? The statement made by Dana Mills in the article last Thursday, “if a student is not sure at night whether his or her condition constitutes an emergency, they should wait until morning and visit the Health Center when it opens,” is asinine.

What happens if the person doesn’t seek help and then ends up worse after sleeping (if they have slept at all). Will the school become liable because the person did not have the chance to receive care when they needed it? What happens when a student can not get to Kishwaukee Hospital to receive care at 3 or 4 a.m.?

The costs of the new programs that the center wishes to start will not break the students. After all, we get to dish out another $125 next semester, what’s another buck or two? Maybe the directors will realize that the one or two people that use it in the wee hours deserve it to be there. After all, they paid their fees.

Eric Themanson