TV show airs clip on Church

About 185 calls were received by the Fox Broadcasting Company in response to a Nov. 27 “America’s Most Wanted” episode profiling former NIU student Richard Church.

Church is charged with the murder of his ex-girlfriend’s parents and has been missing since the Aug. 21 slayings.

The last confirmed sighting of Church was in late September at a 7-Eleven convenience store in West Hollywood, Calif.

Fox Broadcasting Manager Jack Breslin said the producers of the TV program heard about Church from the Woodstock police. He said the program’s producers work with the FBI, the U.S. Marshall and state and local governments to develop programs about fugitive cases over the country.

A spokesman for the Woodstock police said authorities will be checking into information received from the calls.

Breslin said when the producers decide to do a program about a fugitive, they carefully research the details of the case to present an updated profile and accurate portrayal of the crime.

He said that when a show is aired, calls are received by hotline operators. During this time, law enforcement officials are present to receive the information from the operators. Breslin said the law enforcement officials determine which calls should be investigated.

Since its first broadcast on Feb. 7, 1988, the program has profiled 110 fugitives. Breslin said that out of the 110 fugitives, 53 are now in custody. He said that 32 of the 53 were apprehended as a direct result of viewer response to the program.