Preliminary hearing set for two NIU basketball players

A preliminary hearing for two NIU basketball players charged with the theft of a check is set for 1:30 p.m. today at the DeKalb County Courthouse in Sycamore.

Brian Banks, 20, 356 West Neptune Residence Hall, and Antwon Harmon, 19, 348 W. Neptune, pleaded not guilty to the theft charges, court records state.

The preliminary hearing originally was scheduled for Nov. 3 but was continued as requested by both the defending attorney, Howard Wertz, and the state’s attorneys. Reasons were not given for the continuance request.

Assistant State’s Attorney Duke Harris said Wednesday he did not know whether today’s hearing would be continued.

Court records state that the $600 check, property of the DeKalb Bank, was obtained by deception last March and then deposited into the Automatic Teller Machine at the Village Commons Bookstore, 901 Lucinda Ave. Subsequently, withdrawals were made against the funds by Banks and Harmon, records state.

Although Banks has been suspended from the basketball team for the year, Harmon is still a member.

Felony theft is a Class III probational offense, with a maximum penalty of two to five years in jail and a maximum fine of up to $10,000. The maximum probationary period is 30 months.