Column a waste

We would like to address the column regarding little sister programs written Nov. 22 by Marianne Renner. The one-sided treatment given to the column and her obvious ignorance of the facts truly made this column a waste of paper, space and ink.

Little sister programs offer a chance for girls to get an idea of what the greek system has to offer before making a larger commitment to a sorority. It also takes a lot less time than a sorority for girls that are either too tied up with their major or involved in other activities.

We fail to see the sense in Renner’s judgement before she threw her accusations around. Yes, little sisters are in danger of being eliminated, but the programs still in effect are strong and attract hundreds of inquisitive and intimidated students each semester. Being directly involved with the little sister rush this past semester, we encountered hundreds of girls who were unsure of the whole greek scene. Little sister programs help allay their reservations.

As for the hazing that goes on at NIU, it’s irrelevant. No one made us do anything we didn’t want to. We didn’t write dirty poems or sew letters on sleezy underwear, let alone be forced to drink.

We would expect that someone with Renner’s power of the press would first further investigate her ideas before slandering something she knows nothing about, and secondly be more objective before passing judgement. Funny, isn’t that what makes a reporter a good reporter?

We would expect a respectable publication such as The Northern Star to be more selective in their subject choice and less opinionated in their viewpoints. Renner’s views sound more like a personal thing than a factual article.

Contrary to many officials’ opinions, there is no saying that eliminating little sister programs wil reduce the incidence of sexual assault or discourage underage drinking. It may, however, increase sorority membership which seems to be Greek Advisor Jeff Cufaude’s big concern. Unfortunately though, this will be with girls who are unsure but have no other choice. We are not blind, however. We see the chance that our programs may be deleted. It would be a shame though, because NIU would be losing a great thing.

Jeanne Bejina

Sigma Pi



Cathy Pedersen

Sigma Pi