Campaign distorted

In just 15 days we Americans will elect our 41st President. After Nov. 8, our new chief executive had better be prepared to reach out to the needs of every citizen across our great nation. He must represent all races, sexes and religions alike. Thus, it is imperative that all voters examine each candidate thoroughly and honestly in order to make the right decision.

However, it would be naive to assume that many voters will take the time to research the candidates when such an abundance of highly emotional political propaganda is ready at hand. Specifically, I refer to the successful Bush campaign which has been exploiting a very distorted premise. “Micheal Dukakis is weak on crime.”

This charge evolved from a rape committed by Willie Horton, a man on weekend furlough from a Massachusettes prison. Horton’s release was a horrible mistake. But, I’d like to see the Republican reaction upon realization that this furlough program was originally initiated by a Republican governor. Not to mention the reaction upon exposing Republican king pin Ronald Reagan as being responsible for releasing two men who committed such grotesque murders I doubt even Willie Horton would enjoy their company.

Look, I’m not saying Dukakis is the answer to our national crime problem. But, I am saying the Republicans are winning this campaign on many emotional and grossly distorted issues. At times, they’re outright lies. If the Democrats think they have a shot at winning, they better toughen up and start shoving these accusations back at the Republicans.

Kenneth Marx

Political Science