Flyer no surprise

I saw something that really bothered me today. It was a flyer done by the NIU College Republicans depicting Michael Dukakis as a flaming Communist (sickle in hand) with Lenin lurking in the shadows thinking “maybe we can put an ally in the White House this year.” They were even clever enough to use pink paper.

I should have expected these George Bush groupies to concoct such a thing. After all, it is Bush who believes that the best way to get to the White House is by informing the American public about his opponent’s faults more than he discusses his achievements as the vice president (That is if you consider such things as having friends like Noriega as being notable achievements).

It’s true that Michael Dukakis has made some mistakes during his political career, but the fact of the matter is that most of the things that Bush criticizes are either lies or never even happened. If Bush is feeding the American public now, just think of the lies he’ll think he can pass off to the American public if he is elected.

It’s true that Dukakis has not pointed out some of Bush’s past flaws, as there have been one or two, and at least he retains his dignity by not creating stories about his opponent so more people will like him. It could be that, perhaps, Bush has nothing good to say about himself. Who knows? Dukakis has fired campaign workers for creating vicious rumors about his opponent, while Bush wraps himself in the American flag to cover up his lies.

I am not a Democrat, a Republican or a Communist. I am just a concerned registered voter who will be disappointed with the integrity of the American public.

Laura Tripiciano