CTA riders could use an angel

Sometimes it doesn’t hurt to have a guardian angel around. And in the case of the Chicago Transit Authority, it isn’t such a bad idea.

The CTA is at the point where action must be taken and enlisting the help of the Guardian Angels, a self-styled, anti-crime organization, is the only logical thing to do.

Harsh criticism of the CTA security was incited two months ago after two highly publicized attacks occurred on the CTA. In one case a woman was raped in broad daylight on a platform during rush-hour as passersby observed and even stepped past the attack without even trying to stop the incident.

Recommendations to endorse the cooperation of the Guardian Angels and grant them official recognition have been made by concerned citizens’ groups and transit workers. What else can be done when police patrols are not effective enough?

Accepting the Guardian Angels’ help to maintain security is a step in the right direction. But they are not and should not be considered the solution to the CTA’s security problem.

The Guardian Angels aren’t vigilantes ready to run around Rambo-style taking out all the scum found lurking in the CTA. Instead, they are a well-trained group of citizens patrolling the CTA with the intent of preventing confrontations of any kind. And if they do come upon a situation where help is needed, they will detain the rapists, muggers, pick-pockets, whatever until the proper authorities arrive.

What does the transit authority have to lose? It surely couldn’t hurt to give the Guardian Angels a try.