Phones important

University Police Captain James Webster was quoted in a recent article criticizing the security phone system proposed for NIU. He apparently was unaware of the facts regarding the system.

The security phone system proposed by the SA Welfare Committee would consist of fifty phones distributed throughout campus. The phones would be a direct line to the University Police and would consist of a speaker in a steel box lit by a blue light for easy identification.

The system would serve students in many ways. It would not only be useful in preventing or reporting assaults, but also would be available to students needing medical assistance, reporting accidents, experiencing car problems, etc.

Two concerns which have been raised are the incidence of prank calls and the threat of vandalism. Reports from other universities using this system have shown these concerns to be unwarranted. Students have shown respect for the system, and the design of the phone does not make it an easy target for vandals.

Finally, the question of cost must be dealt with. Students will have to pay for the system, but the cost is suprisingly low. At most, students would be asked to pay a one-time fee of no more than $3.24 per student. This is not too much to ask for something which will so greatly benefit the students of this university, and I urge the entire university community to show its support of this proposal.

Michael D. Stumpf

SA Senator

Welfare Committee