Pay disconcerting

While the rest of the campus community reaps the “fruits of its labors” in terms of salary increases, there are two groups of employees which still have not received increases and which are operating under wages established in July 1986. These are the building and food service workers and the paraprofessionals, represented by AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees) local 964 and 3389, respectively.

It’s somewhat disconcerting to now note that the Board of Regents has approved retroactive salary increases for NIU President LaTourette (17.2 percent) and Regents Chancellor Groves (8.2 percent). As those of us a little lower on the pay scale “wait our turn,” we wonder if there will be anything left by the time the Board of Regents finally decides to settle on our behalf.

Three years ago when the union organizing drive was taking place on campus, those of us eligible to vote for or against representation received volumes of anti-union material from the university explaining that there was no need for unionization on this campus—that the university takes care of its own. We now know exactly who and what that means. Like bad children, those of us in the bargaining units do feel the smart on the backs of our hands.

Jean D. Evans

Library Technical Assistant II

College of Law