College no help

I realize that NIU is one of the top business schools in the state, but it’s all based on academics. That’s great, but what happens when a (potential) business student needs help or guidance?

The people behind the counter in the business office say, “You can make an appointment with an academic adviser.” Too bad the adviser’s information is inconsistent concerning the same topic. How is a student supposed to choose the right classes if the advisers don’t have their information straight?

When the adviser can’t give you the answers, just try to make an appointment with the Assistant Dean of the College of Business. It’s impossible. You only can make an appointment with his assistant. What is the big secret about the Assistant Dean? Why can’t a student get in touch with him? I thought he was supposed to help students when they need it. After all, the students are the reason he has a job in the first place. I’ve tried twice to make an appointment with the Assistant Dean and have received the “run around” both times. If anyone else has noticed this, you definately are not alone.

If the College of Business intends on becoming the best around, they should concentrate more on students’ needs and open up the channels of communication.

Sharon Selcke


Human and Family Resources