Behavior appalling

I cannot express how appalled I am at The Northern Star’s behavior towards the Math 101 issue. I happen to be a student in Ms. Ervin’s class and was not aware of any student walkout until the Star brought it to my attention. I then thought, as a result of the article, that if the Star believed that the story was important enough to print, then perhaps the university would realize that there was a problem and take some positive action.

Unfortunately, I was wrong. The Star is now saying that many Math 101 students reacted in a “child-like manner” and that these students should attend study sessions and “attempt to work their problems out.” For your information, last Friday a group of Math 101 met with professor L.R. Sons to discuss the problem. Since when has this become “reacting in such a child-like manner?”

Granted, other methods have been used to show their disfavor of Math 101, but some students haven’t the time or money to sit in a class in which nothing is learned, let alone follow “university procedure” to eradicate the problem. I have spent many hours attempting to construe Math 101 definitions and problems as many other students have. Too bad Math 101 is not “specifically geared” for those hard working students who are making a vain attempt to learn.

I believe that professor Sons was correct when she told us that one of the main reasons is the ongoing cutback/tuition war. I wonder how well Clyde Wingfield would do in Math 101.

Laura Tripiciano


History and English