SA contributions aid festival costs

By Elizabeth M. Behland

The Student Association will add another section to its “thickest” financial file by continuing to fund this week’s NIU Homecoming events.

SA Treasurer Diana Turowski said the SA has funded Homecoming since the association was established 20 years ago.

Turowski said Homecoming is sponsored through the Campus Activities Board festival coordinators. She said the SA funds contribute to most of the activities and services including concerts, tailgate shows and some advertisement costs and repairs.

This year the SA is providing almost $4,250 of funding for Homecoming events, Turowski said. “The SA has been consistent each year with what is funded,” she said. The SA does not fund awards for individual Homecoming events, Turowski said.

CAB Festivals Coordinator Linda Germann said the reason the SA does not provide funds for the Homecoming awards and trophies is because CAB is “not always sure what events are going to occur” at the time funds are distributed.

The awards presented at Homecoming activities are funded through corporate sponsorship, Germann said. Sponsors this year include the Adolf Coors Corporation and the G. Heileman Old Style Brewing Company, she said.

“The SA has covered pretty much everything. We’ve had no problems with money,” Germann said.

If CAB needs more funds for Homecoming, it can present its needs to the SA, Germann said. The SA questions the need for the funds and provides what the budget will allow, she said.

Germann said the activities board has had to ask for extended funds in the past. She said that last year the board needed extra funding to cover increased print advertisement and mailing costs.

“We (the activities board) weren’t budgeted for the talent show this year” so the board found corporate sponsorship for the event, Germann said. Friday night’s talent show is a new event this year and CAB will request SA funding this week for Homecoming 1989.

“If the talent show is a success, I’m hoping that the SA will see that and want to make it bigger and better next year,” she said.