DeKalb residents to discuss landlords’ duties

DeKalb 3rd Ward residents concerned about neighborhood deterioration can air their views and discuss renters’ and landlords’ responsibilities at a meeting Sunday at 7 p.m. at the Plumbers’ and Pipefitters’ Union, 637 N. 11th Street.

William Nicklas, director of building and community services, will provide information about DeKalb’s ordinances pertaining to landlords and renters. He also will give a progress report to 3rd Ward residents about steps the city is taking to rid neighborhoods of some problems.

Nicklas has issued about four dozen tickets to 3rd Ward residents for debris in yards and unused construction materials in yards.

“I’ve helped coordinate the city’s efforts to bring properties in compliance with city codes respecting trash on lawns, cars parked illegally on lawns and unlicensed, inoperable vehicles,” he said.

Organized by members of the Third Ward Coalition, the meeting is the third in a series aimed at solving neighborhood problems of deteriorating buildings, unkept yards, noise and violence. Homeowners concerned about deteriorating property values and single women concerned about personal safety organized the coalition.