Citizen’s complaint

To about 125 drunken students roving around my back yard about 1:16 a.m., drinking and barking like Fido. You’re lucky I didn’t arrest the whole kennel for drunkenness, the violation the City of DeKalb can collect $500 fine per person, and this is expensive. I will do it for the next 99.5 years—turn you jokers over to the city police. You had your last whing-ding.

How about a motto, “character is one beer,” say “no” to number 2 through 10 or 15. It takes character, gentlemanly conduct (also to the ladies) or do you swill at night—it will keep DeKalb bars in business, also fining for public drunkenness.

If students want respect—you must earn it. Character is one beer, a hint to the magic of respect. It might work for 1 year on a trial basis. Responsibility. Do you drink a lot in your home town? In Morris, La Salle-Peru, Aurora? Can you organize yourselves, come out than before, drink (v.c.) very carefully. Character is one beer, could then become a motto, a crusade, to help the average student—could become self-reliant, holding your head up, not puking your guts up. To come home at 3 a.m., no fireworks, no pistols firing, to come by my house without tires screaching.

P.S. Some one is going to tip over a Yugo. Don’t live like Elvis. He didn’t have brains, he really died, a beautiful job of suicide. He could sing, he could shake his butt, a hero. He could grow up, but he didn’t. “Life has it stages,” said Shakespeare. Accept the stages and mature mentally. You need a lot of luck, try thinking the rest out by contructive thoughts, a suicide is a loser permanently. Rosey Flusck was an “A” student and blew her brains out over 15 years. And the dumb ones? Well, I’m still going strong.

Bruce M. Foiles

Class ‘47