There is precedent

Recently, NIU’s Latino student movement was told that there was no precedent for their demand for 50 percent student representation on the search committee looking for a permanent director for the Center for Latino and Latin American Studies. I would like to inform Dean Nicholls that there is a precedent—the Campus Security Advisory Board.

On this board, there is not only 50 percent student representation, but a student chair as well. In light of the fact students are capable of discharging such important duties, Nicholls’ denial of equal representation is an insult to the intelligence of NIU students.

If officials at this university are serious about their commitment to the liberal ideals they supposedly espouse, then they will allow students a meaningful voice in the affairs of the university they pay taxes and fees for. When students perceive that this is not being done, they take to the streets, as the Latino students so justly have done.

To prevent problems with students in the future, officials such as Dean Nicholls should remember a simple equation: student unrest at NIU is directly proportional to the lack of genuine voice they have in governing themselves.

Tom Rogers

Chair, CSAB