No ‘name caller’

After sitting back and watching the Student Association presidential race turn into a name-calling extravaganza, I have noticed one candidate who has not resorted to this type of campaign—Paula Radtke.

She has not needed to attack her opponents because she is the most qualified person for the job. She has a great deal of SA experience (two years worth) as opposed to other candidates— one with less than a year and another with none at all.

It makes no difference if a person is an honors student with a 3.9 GPA or a CHANCE student. What matters is that the person in charge be knowledgeable about student government and student issues, which Paula is. Just to show Paula is not some bumbling fool, her GPA and school standing are well above average.

Perhaps why the other candidates are attacking Paula is because they know she is more qualified than they are and the only way they can defeat her is by trying to denounce her.

I must say I am not a member of Paula’s election committee. I am informing the student body of what they deserve to know.

Todd Lokken

SA Rec. Advisor