Interim bus route 3 to end this week

By Dina Paluzzi

The 3C bus service will end March 11, the Student Association Mass Transit Board decided, and a Huskie Busline student identification card policy drafted by the board will be effective March 21.

The board discussed at Monday’s meeting possibilities of extending the 3C service until the end of the semester but decided against it.

When the service began Feb. 15, the board decided to operate the bus for 20 service days until March 11.

The board decided to add the extra bus during winter months when other route 3 buses become overcrowded.

The student identification card policy will become effective March 21, the first day of classes after spring break.

Board Chairman Phil Kessler said at Monday’s board meeting he had heard of some complaints that a few bus drivers were already enforcing the policy.

Huskie Line General Manager Charlie Battista said a couple of drivers did not realize the effective date. “It’s good they’re keying up (to use the policy) though,” he said.

Kessler said rather than telling the drivers to stop enforcing the policy, he said he has decided to “let it go,” but the policy still “technically starts on that date (March 21).”

Battista said he presented the policy to the drivers and it was well received. “The drivers were looking for a designated policy,” he said.

The policy states all bus boarders are required to present a student ID or a bus pass. If neither of the items is presented, the boarder must deposit 50 cents into the cash box.

The restrictions apply to all routes except weekday 3 and 4 routes. Kessler said the weekday routes 3 and 4 are too crowded to ask for the requirements. A student ID, bus pass or bus fare is required on all weekend routes.

The restrictions will not be in effect during the first two weeks of the fall and spring semesters.

The policy also states a student class schedule will not be accepted in lieu of the student ID. During the drafting procedures, Board Vice Chairman Dave Emerick said all students are not fee paying students. “They have to show an ID to show they are a fee paying student,” he said.

Because of a delay in NIU distributing validation stickers to students, the board’s policy states students will not be required to show a current validation sticker when boarding the buses.

It also is stated in the policy that drivers shall ensure that a student ID or bus pass is presented by each boarder. If neither of the items is presented, the driver will instruct the student to deposit 50 cents in the cash box.