WKDI planning referendum to retain UPI use

By Susie Snyder

WDKI is taking another step to retain their United Press International wire service by planning a referendum proposal to be submitted to the Student Association Supreme Court for review, WDKI Program Manager Marna Coldwater said.

The SA senate voted against funding the $5,000 service at its Dec. 6 meeting.

SA President Jim Fischer said the campus radio station will have to submit their question to the court for review of correct wording.

e said if the court approves the question, WKDI then must obtain the signatures of at least 5 percent of NIU’s student population, about 1,200 students.

WKDI then would win the right to a referendum vote, Fischer said. If the referendum is passed, the station will be allowed to retain the UPI service for one year, he said.

The UPI contract requires WKDI to cancel by Jan. 1 to avoid paying another year’s fees. The university is conducting the cancellation process.

owever, Coldwater said if the university cancels the contract before the referendum is passed, WKDI will have to renegotiate the contract at a higher cost.

WKDI faculty advisor Mike Lazar said he was not informed of WKDI’s referendum proposal.

Coldwater said, “We believe the UPI machine is a necessity to WKDI and the community it serves. It is vital to our credibility.”

Lazar said the station needed the service, “To be a full service radio, because there is so much you don’t have access to without the wire.”