Program approval

It has recently come to my attention that the early childhood education program at NIU has not been approved for certification. The College of Education cannnot sufficiently structure a program that will meet approval.

NIU was originally structured as a school for educators. As the school expanded and added several other colleges, it seemed to have lost sight of its original purpose: education.

Today money is the key to everything. I am aware of the state budget cuts for higher education funding. Is this the reason the program has not been developed completely? Maybe if the early childhood education program was complete, the school might see an increase in the college of education. This would also provide additional tuition money.

I chose to attend NIU because of its excellent reputation in the education field. I suppose this is the same sentiment of two of my uncles who also chose NIU to obtain their educational degrees. They are both quite successful in the Chicago public school system. They have devoted their lives to educating others. I wonder what they would have done in the same situation? The many educational advantages that they have given to so many others would be non-existent.

Early childhood education is an up and coming field, especially within the past few years. Big businesses are even incorporating funds for such programs in their budgets. Child care is a field on the rise, and it should not be taken lightly. So why don’t we get an effective program in use immediately? Isn’t this the reason for this institution’s existence? Then why don’t we take this into consideration when developing a new program on campus?

Sandra M. Mugavero