Give us a break

When are you simple-minded conservatives going to give the rest of us a very large break? I have read for at least two agonizing months about the childish riffs going on between the JLS and you CR’s/newspaper editors from the Star.

And if this wasn’t enough, you underachieving sensationalists start up about the S.A. drinking at their meeting. So What. No one, I’m sure, got smashed and suggested we sell the school and give the proceeds to the nomadic Eskimos of the Texas Panhandle.

Let me give you a little historic tip about meetings and alcohol. During the 1930s and 40s, our beloved president Franklin Deleno Roosevelt each day had a little time set aside for what he called “The Childrens Hour.” During this hour, the bootleg (liquor) poured freely. Now these happy hours took place during the depression, W.W. II and prohibition.

Believe me, more than just weather was discussed. Major domestic and foreign policy was discussed over a few gin rickeys. My point in this is that if the S.A. had a few drinks this one time, O.K., but don’t make it a habit. Even an occasional habit. As for all this press this incident has received, I suggest that the editors take a little drink and cool off. It would only help their writing and their temperate self-rightous attitudes.

Conrad R. Warren