Delinquent dorm bills will result in eviction

By Tammy Sholer

Students living in residence halls who have not paid their room and board might face eviction from their rooms.

Housing Services Associate Director Jack Felver said if students have outstanding bills, they will be sent eviction notices.

Financial Aid Director Jerry Augsburger said, “Eviction notices have gone out every term.”

Felver said he does not know how many students received the letters which were sent Nov. 8.

Each student’s total debt is a confidential matter between the Bursar’s Office and the student, said Darlene Vogeler, assistant technologist for the Bursar’s Office.

Guaranteed Student Loans might or might not have an impact on a student’s bill, Augsburger said. A GSL might have been applied for too late or the application could have been processed, but NIU has not yet received the check.

Assistant Bursar Lynore Pinne said the Bursar’s Office determines which students receive eviction notices, but the housing services office sends the letters.

Students who receive eviction notices have 10 days to contact the Bursar’s Office to make payments and meal arrangements, Felver said.

Meals will be provided for the first 72 hours after the eviction notice is mailed, Vogeler said. After the time peroid has expired, students will not be able to use their meal cards to eat in the halls, she said.

If the 10-day grace period expires and a student has not contacted the Bursar’s Office, another 24-hour notice will be sent, Vogeler said.