Suitcase school

Gretchyn Lenger hit the problem right on the nose. NIU is boring and there is little to do to retain most students on weekends.

To put things into perspective, let me compare NIU to U of I. U of I gets better entertainers (U2, Heart, Bill Cosby, Tina Turner, Jay Leno, etc.) Who do we get? Not since REM in 1986 have we had a “real” big name performer. OK, I’ll count Georgia Satellites too.

We have few good places to take dates. U of I is more lenient to those under 21 to enter bars. Not so with NIU. Finally, the closeness of NIU to Chicago hurts NIU to retain students on weekends because we all know there is more in Chicago then at NIU.

All of this just proves that until NIU offers more places and entertainment to NIU students, NIU will always be known as a suitcase school. How depressing.

Jeff Miller