Individual working to solve problems

This is in response to a letter written by an NIU alumnus which was printed Nov. 3 in The Northern Star.

I’ve spent a lot of my time trying to help educate students on how the budget cuts are unfair and that the $150 tuition increase goes contrary to the reason why public shools were set up in the first place.

A state school is supposed to keep costs minimal so residents have the opportunity for an affordable education. NIU is not affordable. Enough said.

True, we are leftists at an obscure Midwestern university but we are not fanatics. You asked why we don’t have food drives. Actually, it has not been brought up at a JLS meeting. During our last meeting, we “fanatics” organized an open forum concerning sexual assault and how to prevent it.

At any rate, I have considered your suggestion and am currently organizing a food drive. I was hesitant to do this because it only will result in temporary relief. In other words, what happens when the food runs out? I am trying to organize it so it will be fully effective. Is that a fanatical view?

Why am I not a literacy volunteer? Besides being a member of both the JLS and SCOPA, I am also in training to serve on the Judicial Hearing Board and am a volunteer on the sexual assault task force. In addition, I have a weekly radio show at WKDI.

You’ve told “racist witch hunters” to “leave racists alone.” Who initiated the controversy? Racism stems from ignorance. No one at any institution for higher education should be that ignorant.

You said that racist publications are protected under the Constitution.Thunderbolt contains blatant lies about blacks and the spread of AIDS. The Constitution also protects people from defamation of character.

Please stop looking at the JLS as a whole and look at its members individually. You then might understand us.

John Potwora