Halloween quiet at NIU compared to SIU events

The Halloween holiday at NIU was quite peaceful compared to the event at Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, according to local police officers.

At Carbondale, 235 people were arrested during the two-day event, mostly for underage drinking and possession of alcohol.

In contrast, only two egg-throwing incidents occurred on the NIU campus over the weekend. “It was very quiet,” said University Police Lt. Ken Kaiser about NIU.

e said a possible reason why it was so quiet here at NIU is many students go to other universities where large Halloween events are being held.

“I’m sure that’s a lot of the reason. There is no event like that (Carbondale’s Halloween celebration) in DeKalb,” he said.

Kaiser said police in Carbondale arrested an almost equal number of persons each night at the annual festivity.

DeKalb Police Lt. Richard Moudy said the Halloween weekend in DeKalb was nothing out of the ordinary. “We couldn’t distinguish the damage from any other week,” Moudy said. “We consider ourselves lucky.”

Moudy said he did not expect too many problems on Halloween and that last weekend was normal. He said, however, there were several parties in DeKalb over the weekend.