NIU practices a ‘double standard’

This university wants “unity through diversity.” The university tells us (white students) we shouldn’t see color; we should just see “people.” NIU should practice what it preaches.

ecently, I called the Office of Special Projects about the University Tutorial Program. However, I was told that I am not eligible for this program because I’m neither black nor hispanic.

If this isn’t discrimination, I don’t know what is. Many minority studens are already getting a break on tuition, and then they get free tutors handed to them on silver platters. I’ll bet a lot of them have more money for a tutor than I do, but NIU does’t care about that. It’s possible that some white students didn’t get all the opportunities they say we did.

I would like to know if the minority students that went to my high school had to meet the same requirements to attend NIU that I did. Did they have less opportunities than I did?

ow ironic. NIU’s letterhead states this is an “equal opportunity” employer. However, after “equal opportunity,” NIU also states it is an “affirmative action” employer. What a double standard. I never knew affirmative action meant equal opportunity for non-minorities.

ow can the university preach “unity through diversity” while it’s sorting the freshman applications first by race and then by class rank, GPA and ACT scores?

If NIU truly wants to eliminate racism on campus it should really become an equal opportunity organization.

Cathy Casali