Satan worship is serious business

Regarding a recent letter to the editor where a reader expressed hope that people would be “enlightened before this Satan worship thing gets out of control,”(Sept. 25).

People are entitled to their own opinions. Some may view satan worship as cause for alarm, whereas others merely regard it as a joke or a passing phenomenon. Whatever your view, I would hope you arrived at your conclusion based on intelligent consideration of the facts, and the fact of the matter is that satan worship is deadly serious business, and its adherents (as well as fundamentalist Christains) are well aware of this.

There are documented cases where animal blood sacrifices and human sacrifices were part and parcel of satanic rituals and worship, along with other practices such as casting spells or invoking demons to perform their works of darkness. Does this sound farfetched? As bizarre as it seems, it goes on here in the civilized United States.

An excellent book to read concerning this subject is an autobiography entitled “The Satan Seller” by Mike Warnke, a former satanist high priest who was delivered from this demonic bondage by Jesus Christ. This man’s entire life is a unimpeachable testimony to the power of Jesus Christ over the power of the devil.

Actually, few people realize that one can follow the devil without ever having to light candles, cast spells or whatever. The cardinal rule (according to A. Crowley and Anton La Vey, author of the Satanic Bible) is “do what thou wilt.” There are only two kingdoms or two realms of authority, the kingdom of Jesus Christ and the Kingdom of the devil. There is no neutral ground. If your motto is, “do your own thing,” then you are comfortably fulfilling the dictates of the devil and are under his authority, whether you choose to believe it or not.

But the good view of Jesus Christ is that Jesus defeated the devil 2,000 years ago when he died on the cross, and when he rose from the dead it was the ultimate proof that the power of God far surpasses the power of the devil.

As a consequence of the victory of Jesus Christ, he has not only the power but also the right to deliver any person from the bondage of the devil. All an individual has to do is call upon the Name of Jesus.

You may choose to believe or disbelieve what I have written. As I stated earlier, everyone is entitled to his own opinion. But at least now you have been made aware of the full story.

Janet Norbrothen

graduate student