NIU invites racism

Constantly we students are reminded that there is a racism problem at NIU. There have been various accounts to support this propaganda. We’ve read of a magazine against black students that was passed around Greek Row, and other racist problems. There have been articles in both the Chicago Tribune and my hometown’s local paper, alluding to racism at NIU.

As the NIU population seems to be looking so closely at racism and the problems this campus possesses, I feel some things must be brought to light.

Part of the problem of racism is brought about by the college itself. The university sponsors many racial clubs, inviting segregation into its very walls. Among these clubs, whose names suggest racial attendance, segregated attendance, are the Black Choir, Minority Graduate Association, Minorities for Professional and Creative Communication, Organization of Black Business Students, African Student Association, Arab Club, Black Theatre Workshop, Black Student Union, the list could go on for many more pages. But nowhere in the listings of clubs is the word “white” mentioned. If the white majority population would name a club “The White Student Union,” the arguments against this “racist club” would skyrocket.

Maybe these clubs invite whites to attend. Personally I wouldn’t feel right about being a member of a club that is trying to segregate itself by the members’ color, not their achievements. To my knowledge, there is no club on campus which minorities are not invited to join.

So, NIU can’t complain about racism if it is willing to sponsor clubs that only have exclusive membership to minority students.

Nora Schattke


elementary education