Star unfair to JLS

Editor Dave Duschene’s column of Sept. 16 was quite correct in asserting that the Northern Star was primarily responsible for former President Wingfield’s ouster and not the John Lennon Society.

However, we find it inconceivable that the Northern Star of today would play the same role in a similar situation.

The Star has turned from being the watchdog of the administration and establishment to being the watchdog of a group of campus activists.

In fact, the Star’s editorial columnists seem to have been pursuing a personal vendetta against the JLS the past couple of weeks, in a series of particularly venomous columns.

Meanwhile, Duschene has nothing but good things to say about the administrative and government bodies responsible for the recent tuition hike.

One can almost imagine Duschene writing, “Let Wingfield spend his $100,00 on his house, and shut up.”

Tom Long


Lynn Stickler