Positive coverage

I have worked on the NIU campus some 26 years. Many, many times during the past I have been tempted to write the Northern Star to express my displeasure with some facet of the operation. I have never done so.

I am writing now, not to criticize, but to express deep appreciation for the positive coverage the staff of the Star gave to the various programs and activities of the recent Unity through Diversity Week. I especially want to commend the work of Mr. Moin H. Kahn, one of your reporters. Mr. Kahn was very gracious during interviews and his articles were thorough and accurate. It was a pleasure to work with him.

I also want to compliment the person who wrote the lead editorial on Friday, October 9, 1987, “Many Missed Point of Diversity Events.” Whoever that individual was captured the true purpose of the week and accurately assessed the need for continued efforts on all our parts to bring about understanding, acceptance and appreciation for all types and conditions of persons. To achieve such a level of maturity is not an idealistic goal but an absolute necessity if we are to avoid the mutual destruction of the planet.

Stacy E. Dolby, Jr.

assistant director

student housing services