Greeks too loud

I am a sophomore living off-campus near Greek Row. I do not have anything against the Greek System; in fact, quite a few of my friends are quite active in sororities and fraternities.

I do have one complaint that other people share with me. I have an 8 a.m. class three days a week. This early class does require some rest and studying. The first week of school I listened to girls cheer for their sororities until ridiculous hours of the morning. Also, on Oct. 5, I again listened to guys and girls scream and cheer until 1 a.m. This is very distracting to a person who is trying to catch up on some sleep or is a late studier. I understood (during) Homecoming Week, but there are a few of us that cherish this time. I know that your first question will be, why did you move out onto Greek Row? Cheaper living arrangements and the distance to the buildings which house my classes. I also figured living on the corner of Hillcrest and Normal would be a little quieter than the dorm rooms.

I only wish that the people involved in these activities would think about the non-greeks living off-campus. I could never imagine living four buildings closer to the greek houses on Hillcrest and/or Greenbrier. There are a few of us that need quiet times to study and sleep. Please think of us, too.

Donalynn Budoff