New concept used for ‘Pizza Fest ’87‘

A new concept used in NIU’s “Pizza Fest ’87” should help to involve more DeKalb pizza establishments in the years to come, said Steve Pikturna, coordinator of the fest.

Pikturna said in the past two years, the fests, sponsored by the Phi Sigma Epsilon business fraternity, motivated competition between the establishments.

He said although the winner won free advertising as the “number one” pizza in DeKalb, the “losers” felt the contest a blow to their egos. He said there were fewer participants in this year’s fest partly because of the competition of the past.

The fest, which originated in 1985, involved Lukulos, Pizza Villa, Pizza World, Sam’s, Sgt. Peppers and Stadium Club this year, but has had a mix of different pizza places each year, Pikturna said.

While the goal for the third annual fest was to have 500 attend, Pikturna said about 200 or 250 showed up. He said PSE was not interested in making a big profit, but they did hope to break even.

Pikturna said the main objective for the evening was business simulation and to give students a chance to try many different pizzas at once.

For a $3.75 ticket, participants received a large slice of pizza from each of the six restaurants and a soft drink.