Bus seats still open for Springfield rally

By Nancy Broten

Only about 10 students are confirmed to travel to Springfield for the Oct. 21 Day of Action rally, for which the Student Committee On Political Action is offering free bus transportation.

SCOPA asked several organizations to contribute to the $600 cost of renting the bus to take the financial obligation away from students.

The FREEZE Campaign of NIU and the Residence Hall Association made contributions covering part of the cost, and the remainder of the cost is tentatively being funded by the Student Association, Rainey said.

About 37 seats are available to students who express interest in the trip at SCOPA letter-writing tables in the Pow Wow Room. Another bus will be rented if needed, Rainey said.

David Forrer, University of Illinois student government president, said two bus loads of about 90 students are confirmed to participate in the rally.

“We are encouraging mostly registered voters to go to Springfield. We’re being somewhat selective because students will be not only rallying but lobbying, and voting students will make more of an impact on legislators,” Forrer said.

ainey said Illinois State University and Southern Illinois University each are sending two bus loads of students to the rally and a bus load of about 40 Western Illinois University students also will participate.

Although more than 80 Eastern Illinois University students have signed up for the trip, a student government representative there said there are no confirmations of how many actually will go since the students will have to pay for the rental of the buses themselves.

EIU Student Senate Speaker Denise West said those who are unable to go to Springfield will wear a “spirit ribbon” printed with the student’s name and social security number. The ribbons will later be sent to Gov. James Thompson.

SCOPA originally planned to be involved in the Chicago Day of Action rally as well. However, the Illinois Student Association prefers students to participate in the Springfield rally where they will have direct contact with the legislators in session that day.

NIU students will leave Oct. 21 at about 8 a.m. and return at about 8 p.m. Activities in Springfield begin at 11 a.m. with a meeting of all student and faculty representatives, followed by rallying and lobbying at the capitol.

Only about six members of the NIU chapter of the United Professionals of Illinois are confirmed to car pool to the Springfield rally. UPI member Jack Bennett said he has heard no comment whether faculty members are allowing their students to miss class for the Day of Action rallies.