More Thunderbolt

This is in answer to Gretchyn Lenger’s column about “Thunderbolt.” I would respectfully like to thank you for sharing your opinion. However, I strongly disagree with your views.

It’s true first amendment rights are an integral part of this country’s belief in equal rights and fair treatment for everybody. However, when ideas and attitudes are being expressed that are violent, hateful and hurtful to a group or groups of people, aren’t these peoples’ rights to peace of mind and sanity being infringed upon? Isn’t this why we have laws in the first place—to ensure equal rights for everybody?

I think the fact there is such a paper on campus says more about our society than the paper itself.

Let me remind you, Miss Lenger, that about 50 years ago, Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party began to rise to power. At the time, Hitler wasn’t taken seriously by many leaders in this country or in his own. Many felt he was a harmless clown. We all know what happened.

I believe there comes a time when, in order to ensure freedom, democracy and equal rights for everybody, one must stand up for these rights and fight for them. I see “Thunderbolt” as having no place on our campus, or in our society.

Brian Silverstein

student at large