Hit and run tape examined

DeKalb County State’s Attorney Philip DiMarzio said he will be viewing a videotape today to try to determine the driver of a car which hit a protester during last week’s Day of Action protest.

DiMarzio said his office has received the name of a suspect who might have been driving the car that hit NIU student Art Zemke. Zemke was one of about 90 protesters last Wednesday blocking traffic on Lincoln Hwy. The protest was a part of the Day of Action activities, objecting to recent tuition hikes.

Police obtained a videotape of the accident from a witness at the scene. DiMarzio said he will study the videotape for further information. He said he also will look at the “preliminary accident report” and will interview Zemke in his investigation.

There are no witnesses to the accident at this point, DiMarzio said, but he “believes there are some witnesses out there who could be very helpful to us,” DiMarzio said.