Gay participation

I believe two things need to be said about the recent Unity Through Diversity week. The first is that while the basic ideas and intentions were good, some specific events were almost doomed to have poor turnouts.

There are two obvious reasons. One is that people who do hold some sexist or racist beliefs will not attend events intended to explode the myths and stereotypes. The other is that most people recognize the pointlessness of preaching to the converted. Those who are already aware of a problem have no desire to sit through a lecture that attempts to explain it to them. I am surprised that anyone at all showed up for a forum on white racism.

Secondly, religion, ethnic background and sex are entirely different matters from orientation. This is what we are told. It may very well be true. It does not, however, excuse immoral behavior. The decision to engage in any type of sexual activity is a conscious one. I am told that pedophiliacs do not choose their sexual orientation either. This does not prevent society from ostracizing nor the legal system from prosecuting them.

The Gay/Lesbian Union does the community a severe disservice by attempting to place a veneer of social acceptability upon an immoral lifestyle. It is a shame they were allowed to mar an otherwise laudable effort with their participation.

Bob Nolan