Fear and reason

There are some who need a cause, or should I say, a controversy with which to surround themselves. Thank you, Larry Robertson, for bringing the “Thunderbolt” publication to our attention.

As you stated, it is your job to bring the concerns of minority students to the forefront. Who then, is special designee to bring the concerns of the majority of students to the floor? Is it in the best interest of all students for one group to be able to randomly remove publications from our library? The charge is that the publication “Thunderbolt” is racist. The concept of racism has gone through some interesting changes. At one time, “racism” was considered a social malady which society readily admitted exists and has effected change to eradicate. Today, especially at NIU, “racism” has become a weapon, used very shrewdly, to effect change for the sake of change. How do we defend those things which are sacred, like library materials, from those who use fear, not reason, to effect change? More importantly, how do we unmask those who hide behind that all encompassing charge of racism?

Past truth dictates that fear and reason occupy two divergent paths which end in conflict and resolution, respectively. Let’s see which path our elected senators and administrators choose.

Sharon R. McAllister


political science