Title, duties of Grants-in-Aid may change

Under recommendation of university officials, NIU’s Grants-In-Aid Committee title might be changed to the University Scholarships Committee.

The Rules and Governance Committee of the University Council recommended to Faculty Assembly members Wednesday that the name be changed and the duties of the Grants-In-Aid Committee be revised.

The name change first was requested by NIU President John LaTourette this summer in an effort to broaden the scope of the Grants-In-Aid Committe’s duties. In a letter to UC Executive Secretary Judith Bishoff, LaTourette said the name change would assist the efforts of the office of undergraduate admissions and the university honors program in the identification and recruitment of more talented students to NIU.

In addition, LaTourette requested that the membership of the university honors director be recognized officially in the university’s committee book.

“There is considerable concern that the present name does not accurately portray the work of the committee,” LaTourette said at the Sept. 9 UC meeting.

At Wednesday’s Faculty Assembly meeting, Linda Sons, rules and governance committee chairman, said the university honors director would be an ex-officio member of the committee.

Sons also reported recommendations to revise the duties of the committee, which include establishing criteria for the awarding of scholarships, establishing application criteria, choosing student recipients and reviewing financial aid grievances.