Meeting focuses on ways to increase HSC revenues

By Alan Marcus

Ways of generating new revenues for the Holmes Student Center without resorting to an increase in student fees were discussed by an ad hoc advisory committee Wednesday.

SC Acting Director Marlin Tenboer said, “We operate on an $8 million budget, and we don’t see a dime of tax money. Thus, our only sources of income other than student fees are sales from the book store, room rentals, the in-building food services (such as the Blackhawk and Pow Wow Rooms) and the hotel.

“My job is to the students and, thus, the issue becomes how can we increase income to the Holmes Student Center without increasing student fees.”

Tenboer suggested the committee consider some sort of charge on commercial vendors who use space in the HSC. He said other state schools have adopted this proposal in one form or another for the sale of Greyhound tickets.

“Illinios State University gets 5 or 10 percent of all sales which they make out of their box office, and Western Illinois University charges a monthly rental fee,” he said.

Student Association Sen. Dave Stern said the student center should receive a percentage of the outside vendors’ sales made within the building. “They’re receiving the benefit of the students’ business, and we ought to get something in return.”

SA Sen. Michael Goldstein expressed concern over Stern’s proposal “because the cost will ultimatly be passed on to the students in the form of higher prices.”

Tenboer agreed with Goldstein and suggested the outside vendors be required to employ students while conducting business at the student center.