Hidden concerns

It is clear that the nomination of Robert Bork to the Supreme Court has been foiled, regardless of whether it was because of heightened public awareness of his policies or because of the “lynch mob” of Reagan’s rhetoric.

owever, the administration’s insistence that the doomed fight not be given up raises new questions. They insist that it is a matter of honor. However, it is certainly worth noting that continued attention to the defused issue of Bork’s confirmation functions as an effective smoke screen to criticism of other, more volatile issues within Reagan’s sphere of influence.

Our attention must not be distracted from the growing U.S. (involvement) in the Persian Gulf (the killing has begun), or from the request for more U.S. support to the contras for the war in Nicaragua. It is illogical to dwell on Bork’s failed quest for a position on the Supreme Court when our national peace is eroding before our eyes.

I, therefore, urge everyone who reads this letter to correspond with our Senators to implore them to do all that is within their power to demand that the War Powers Act be respected, contra aid be opposed, and the system of checks and balances be restored.

Matt Gillespie