Assembly to discuss campus parking

By Suzanne Tomse

In response to concerns by faculty members over campus parking problems, NIU administrators will address the issue at Wednesday’s Faculty Assembly meeting.

NIU President John LaTourette, James Harder, interim vice president for business and operations and Eddie Williams, vice president of finance and planning, will be discussing with assembly members NIU’s short- and long-range plans to alleviate some of the parking problems, University Council Executive Secretary Judith Bischoff said.

Bischoff said assembly members expressed the greatest concern over red reserve parking spaces. She said the assembly wanted to know how many red stickers were issued, and to whom. In addition, assembly members want to address the guidelines which are determined in obtaining a red sticker.

Bischoff said there was a recommendation last year by the Campus Parking Committee, in which there would be no new red parking stickers issued. However, the committee never received any answers about the recommendation, and red stickers continue to be issued, she said.

“The parking problem seems to get worse rather than better each year,” Bischoff said.

Lynn Fraser, campus parking manager, said red stickers are issued on a “first-come, first-serve” basis. She said 440 stickers have been issued this year for 388 parking spaces. She said some spaces are shared by faculty members, usually husbands and wives. There currently is a waiting list for the stickers, she said.

ed reserve stickers cost $125 per year for parking from 7 a.m to 7 p.m. each day, Fraser said. For an additional $25, the space can be used for 24 hours, she added.

Faculty members also are concerned about the number of tickets that are issued and how the money collected from them is used, Bischoff said.

“The faculty assembly has been concerned with the parking issue on campus for more than one year. We want to keep up on the changes the university is making to alleviate the problems,” Bischoff said.

In other matters, the assembly will discuss the resolution condemning the budget cuts in higher education which was adopted by the UC Sept. 9. Bischoff said the resolution will be presented Oct. 12 to Sen. Philip Rock, D-Oak Park, by Operating Staff Council President Dianna Strink, Student Association President Jim Fischer, Richard Durfee, representing supportive professional staff, and Bischoff.