Assault reports explored

Unsubstantiated allegations circulating on campus about a possible sexual assault at the Delta Upsilon fraternity house, 1114 Blackhawk Road, are being investigated by the university, said Jeff Cufaude, activities adviser for greek affairs.

“The university has been investigating the allegations,” Cufaude said Monday.

InterFraternity Council President Tom Zur also said the allegations are being investigated. He said the IFC has taken no action regarding the rumors about the fraternity.

“There’s a lot of rumors going around,” Zur said.

Cufaude said the Delta Upsilon chapter has “not faced any charges.”

DU President Jordan Lotsoff said he did not know of any rumors about a sexual assault at the fraternity house. Lotsoff said, “If there are any rumors, they are not true.”

Lotsoff also said no charges have been filed.

A source in the Greek Row area said the unsubstantiated rumors of a sexual assault there started after a girl was found by DeKalb Police near the Campus Cinemas, 1015 Blackhawk Road, the night of Sept. 11.

University Judicial Office Director Larry Bolles and Jon Dalton, vice president for student affiars, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.

Cufaude said he was frustrated about the criminal damage which occurred at the DU house in which the word “rapists” was painted on the door.

“I guess it (criminal damage) has to be some sort of self-satisfaction thing,” Cufaude said.

DeKalb Police said no complaints and no charges have been filed.