Local officials aid Simon’s campaign

By Paul Wagner

Three local political officials have agreed to serve as coordinators for Sen. Paul Simon’s presidential campaign.

DeKalb Mayor Greg Sparrow, DeKalb County Clerk and Recorder Terrence Desmond and Kane County Coroner Mary Lou Kearns have all accepted positions as 14th Congressional District coordinators for Simon’s campaign.

Eric Adelstein, assistant political director for Simon’s campaign, said each of the three officials received letters from Simon thanking them for their willingness to help with campaign efforts. More coordinators might be selected he said, adding there is not one coordinator but “a series of them.”

Desmond, who worked on Simon’s 1984 senatorial campaign, said “(Simon) is the finest person I know in government at any level. His quality would bring a positive dramatic change specifically with education, human rights and fiscal management.”

In the next few weeks, volunteers will be enlisted to help with Simon’s campaign efforts, Desmond said. He said there will be a student organization formed to support Simon.

Sparrow said he accepted a position as a coordinator as well. He said, “My major concern is that he (Simon) get elected.” He said he has supported Simon since he won the democratic nomination for senator.

Kearns said she is “happy” to coordinate campaign efforts with the other officials. She said she is a personal friend of Simon. “I’m looking forward to seeing him run this country as president.”

Tim McArnarney, special assistant to Simon supporter Alan Dixon, D-Ill., said he is a friend of Simon and has been working on his campaign in some of the districts including the 14th. He said the initial efforts for Simon’s campaign will be focused on Iowa and New Hampshire.

“We’re just starting to move into this (DeKalb) area,” McArnarney said, adding that he is “comfortable” with the three coordinators selected so far. He said the three will be working to coordinate campaign efforts in the 14th District.

Desmond said most of the efforts would be geared toward the Illinois March 15 primary election. He said local campaign efforts will have to deal with NIU’s spring break, March 12-22, because students will not be on campus to vote. Students will be encouraged to vote at home or with an absentee ballot before they leave.

Anyone interested in volunteering to work on Simon’s campaign should contact one of the coordinators, Desmond said.