Mass Transit Board sets goals

By Pam Schmidt

Goals for the upcoming year were the heart of discussion at the Mass Transit Board meeting Monday.

Phil Kessler, Student Association services adviser and Mass Transit Board chairman, said one goal is having a parking shuttle designed to relieve the parking congestion and help unify the campus. The shuttle would service outlying lots by driving commuter student, faculty, staff and visitors to various points on campus.

The possiblity of the parking shuttle will be discussed at the parking committee meeting this semester, Kessler said.

Another goal is the possibility of running a shuttle bus from DeKalb to the Northwestern Commuter Rail Line in Geneva, Ill., on the weekends.

Kessler said the idea will have to be surveyed before any money can be spent on the project.

The shuttle probably would have to be a pay service, Kessler said. However, he said NIU might be able to subsidize a portion of the service.

“Because of budget concerns, we might not be able to move with it, but we will still research it,” Kessler said.

aving a valuable bus service for the students is another major goal of the MTB, Kessler said. The MTB will be working in several ways to accomplish this goal.

To better service the students, members of the MTB will be riding each of the routes periodically to ensure all stops are being used, safety precautions are being taken and to get input from the students.

“We want to let them (the students) know we are out there,” Kessler said. “We are not just a faceless system, and we need to communicate,” he said.