JLS vs. Wingfield

Well, Duschene, you’ve done it again—written a column under the guise of being informed, but instead, showing the NIU community just how ignorant you truly are.

Your Sept. 16 column about the article I wrote for the JLS indicated that during the Wingfield controversy you were either too young to be in college, or too starry-eyed over Phil Luciano to notice what the JLS was doing about old Clyde. Early on in the spring of ‘86, the JLS printed and distributed copies of The Catalyst, the paper from Clyde’s old school in which exposed him as a wife-beater. I had written comments on the copy questioning whether or not a guy like Clyde should be our president. We had our first taste of Clyde-style censorship when we had trouble getting those copies printed at the NIU copy service long before the Northern Star had any such problems.

Later on that spring, the JLS staged a demonstration during the Regent’s meeting protesting the Pow Wow sellout where we also condemned Clyde’s wasteful spending for the inauguration and his house. It was during this demonstration that Pat Welch first heard of the house expenditures and began his investigation which, we all know, was a major factor in Wingfield’s ousting. Also, the JLS held a demonstration at Wingy’s inauguration protesting the wasteful spending there, but since you were comatose at the time, Dave, you don’t remember the state-wide (and even further) coverage that event received.

You also seem to have forgotten (or maybe you were home watching cartoons) when JLS members joined the Star in a demonstration at the 1986 graduation ceremony protesting the firing of Jerry Thompson. We even outlasted some of the Star staff at that one.

And as for having kept this all a secret until now, you’re wrong on that account, too. You just haven’t bothered to read any of the literature we’ve written in the past. We’ve been writing about this stuff for over a year. I thought columnists were supposed to be informed about their topics. I guess the Star doesn’t require their top editors to know what they’re writing about.

Julia D. Stege


Media studies