Prof.‘s transcripts in question

By Tom Omiatek

NIU Marketing Professor David Richard Rink, who was discovered to have worked at DePaul’s marketing department under a different name, did have official transcripts for the name David Richard sent to DePaul, officials there said.

The transcripts, which Dean of Faculty Patricia Dwers received prior to hiring Rink, were correctly signed and sealed by officials of the institution from which he earned his Doctorate, Dwers said.

“DePaul never awards a contract without having transcripts that are signed by the … director of records and carries the official seal of the institution that awarded the degree,” Dwers said. “That is a universal policy.”

Dwers said she could not comment on how Rink would have had official transcripts for the name of Richard. “I handle all contracts, but only professor Rink can answer (how the transcripts were obtained),” Dwers said.

Dwers said specifics of the transcripts and the salary paid to Richard was confidential information and she could not comment on that.

ink, under the name Richard, was hired full-time during the summer of 1986 to work over the following academic year under a one-year, visiting assistant professorship, Dwers said. He was notified by Dwers in Febuary 1987 that he would not be awarded a contract for the 1987-88 academic year, she said.

Dwers was notified by Elgin Police last month that David Richard had another name, David Richard Rink, and was working at NIU, she said.

onald Walker, dean of faculty at Loyola University, could not be reached to verify if a Professor David Richard, who had worked at Loyola, was David Rink.

Loraine Serwatka, director of faculty administration at Loyola, said there had been a David Richard in the marketing department at Loyola for the 1985-86 academic year. Serwatka said she could not verify over the phone if this professor was Rink.

NIU Provost Kendall Baker refused to comment.

ink, who is a tenured faculty member in NIU’s marketing department, was scheduled here for two lecture periods for 12 sections in Marketing 310, Principles of Marketing. His salary at NIU for the 1986-87 academic year was $48,816 under a nine-month contract.

ink was releived of his scheduled responsibilities by Department Chairman Terrence O’Brien in an Aug. 29 letter. He was reinstituted to the department’s policy committee, O’Brien said.

The letter stated Linda Zanocco will teach the Marketing 310 sections in place of Rink this semester.