Sign of growing social awareness

I would like to thank the John Lennon Society for an event that should not be quickly forgotten. The first Lagoon Sunday must be seen as nothing less than a complete success.

On first entrance into the fieldhouse, I was immediately taken with the vitality, originality, creativity and good humor expressed by the various bands, poets, performing artists and canvassers. In addition, the crowd—a mixture of all aspects of the university community—seemed well-behaved and genuinely enthused. I was most immediately reminded of the “happenings” that often occurred at NIU in the mid-1970s (e.g. the Ghetto-fests on DeKalb Ave. and the concerts and smoke-ins at both lagoons). Yet, Lagoon Sunday was much more than a slice of nostalgia.

The fact that this event occurred—that many people were genuinely concerned with the presentation of social issues, that the entire group could join together as a peaceful community—lends power and credibility to the John Lennon Society and the new student movement. Hopefully, events like Lagoon Sunday will continue as positive indicators for the growing social awareness in many of today’s college students.

Bill Covey