SA takes privileges from club

By Nancy Broten

Student Association Vice President Cam Davis announced yesterday the SA has revoked temporarily its recognition of an NIU political organization.

The Northern Conservative Council illegally posted materials publicizing the Student Action Coalition’s (an unrecognized group) Sept. 9 showing of the film “A Clockwork Orange” and reserved the Carl Sandberg Auditorium in which the unrecognized group presented the film, Davis said.

Davis said the NCC knowingly disregarded the posting policies of University Programming & Activities which state only approved posters (with the UP&A stamp visible) can be placed on bare walls, elevators, sidewalks or glass.

“We support the UP&A posting policy, and whenever an organization ignores it, its recognition will be revoked. There is a purpose behind the rules,” Davis said.

The orange-colored advertisements for the film, which were taped to sidewalks in the King Memorial Commons without the university stamp or name of the NCC, remained there through Monday despite the organization’s responsibility to remove the materials after the event.

NCC member Gary Stittgen, who was formerly the group’s president before it was reorganized, said those NCC members who were publicizing the SAC event “got a little overzealous and by-passed UP&A approval.”

Because the SAC is not recognized by the SA, it does not have the privilege to reserve university meeting rooms without paying a rental fee.

Stittgen said the SAC is basically a committee of the NCC, since they share several of the same members, and the SAC uses the NCC name to receive use of university meeting space.

“Misrepresentation of signatures on documents is a serious (offense),” Davis said, referring to NCC’s reserving the room for an unrecognized group’s use.

SAC is only a name under which several candidates will run in the upcoming SA Senate elections and will no longer exist if none of the candidates are elected, he said.

Davis said suspension of privileges, which will last until Oct. 5 for the NCC, leaves organizations “virtually dormant.” However, Stittgen said the group will not be hurt by the SA’s action.

Davis said revoking a SA-funded organization’s recognition is even more serious because the budget is frozen, disabling the organization’s financial resources.