Confusion results in late deposit checks

By Tammy Sholer

Confusion at the Ice Boxer Rental Inc., 901 Lucinda Ave., has sparked several students to complain about not receiving their security deposit checks.

NIU student Jim Ruzicka said he returned his rented refrigerator to Ice Boxer on time in a clean, dry condition; however, he has not received his deposit check yet.

is frustration with the situation has caused him to file a consumer complaint to the attorney general’s office last weekend, Ruzicka said.

Ice Boxer manager Dave Clanton said there has been a lot of confusion this year with mailing students’ checks on time. He said there never has been this many problems with security deposit checks in the past.

The company does not have a record of all the students demanding a check, Clanton said. He said this is because the receipt could have been under their roommate’s name, in which case the check would have been mailed to the roommate, he said.

If Ice Boxer does not have a record of a student, they are asking students to send a copy of their receipt to show the rental was under their name, Clanton said. If the receipt has been lost, the company will look up other possible names the refrigerator might have been rented under, he said.

Another part of the confusion stems from two-thirds of Ice Boxer’s business being conducted with freshmen, who usually do not know their roommate before moving in to the residence halls, Clanton said.

After the nine-month span between the time the refrigerator is delivered and the time it is picked up, many roommates change rooms or drop out, Clanton said. This becomes very confusing because the company does not always know where to send the check, he said.

John Adkins, another student, said he also has not received his check. He said the contract was under his name and he returned the refigerator on time in a clean condition.

Adkins said he has not tried to contact Ice Boxer to inform them he has not received his check because his receipt is at his permanent address. Once he gets the receipt, Adkins said he will request his $10, the amount of the deposit.

“I will probably file a complaint with Jim (Ruzicka). I have to talk to him and work something out,” Adkins said. The attorney general will conduct a follow-up report on the complaint, Ruzicka said.

uzicka said he talked to several other students who did not receive their checks, but they were unable to be reached for comment.

If refrigerators are returned on time and undamaged, clean and dry, checks should be returned six weeks after the refrigerator is picked up, Clanton said.

This year the company has been slow getting checks back to students, and Clanton said he is working to get the rest of the checks mailed.

At the beginning of the year there was some confusion over Ice Boxer’s rental prices, but Clanton said he lowered his prices to keep in competition with his competitor. There never was a discrepancy in refrigerator rental prices.