Finance committee to report to SA senate

The recently formed Student Association Finance Review Committee Wednesday decided upon several changes needed in the SA Finance Committee’s structure.

SA Treasurer Todd Lipscomb said Finance Committee members should be at the SA Senate meetings to explain the organizations’ budgets to the senate. This change will allow committee members to explain to the senators reasons for their recommendations, he said.

Other proposed changes concerned the process of budget approval of SA-funded organizations. Budgets must go to the Finance Committee and then to the senate for their yearly budget approval. Also, the senate should receive all organizations’ budgets at one time rather than only 10 at a time.

Lipscomb said this switch should be made “so that senators can see when one budget is increased it effects the whole budgeting process.”

Finally, the finance sub-committees should stay in pairs, Lipscomb said. Two finance members should review each budget before it goes before the Finance Committee so they can make recommendations to the committee and be familiar with the organization’s needs.