Towers charge more for meals during summer

By Tammy Sholer

Despite a fixed cost for food, the low number of summer school students living in residence halls has caused Stevenson Towers North cafeteria to charge a higher price for its meal tickets.

Bob Fredrickson, University Food Service director, said there is a set summer rate of $120 per week for students to live in residence halls and $54 per week for students just eating in the cafeteria. STN is the only tower open in the summer for students, he said.

Anne Nelson, STN resident, said, “It is $50 a week to eat in the cafeteria, and individual meals are $3.45 for breakfast, about $4 for lunch and $4.50 for dinner. I can eat cheaper at McDonalds.”

Dan Wilkinson, who is also a STN resident, said he eats in the cafeteria about once a week. He said, “It is all you can eat, (but) it is the same menu from week to week. I do not think it costs them (food service) $4.50 for each meal,” he said.

Nelson said her mother bought $40 worth of groceries last time she was in DeKalb and that food will last her to the end of the semester. She said hot pots and most other cooking devices are illegal.

If a student is caught using a hot pot or other electrical cooking devises in the room, he has to pay a $25 fine.

Don Buckner, Student Housing director, said only about 100 students stay in the dorms in the summer compared to 7,600 during the regular school year.

Mary Crocker, Conferences and Institutes manager, said students pay $528 to live in the tower for eight weeks, not including meals, and students have a choice whether to purchase a 21-consecutive meal plan for a week or to buy individual meals.

Jack Felver, Housing Services associate director, said for the fall and spring semesters, students pay about $75 per week for a double room and 21 meals in STN. That is $45 less than the summer semester rate. He said this difference is because there are not as many students living in the dorms during the summer.